Nagpur Latest News

Nagpur is often known as Orange City has made us name our portal as Nagpur Oranges. It is strategically located at the center of our country, making it the heart of India.  It has a rich history, culture, and tradition that dates backs to its formation that came into inception around 300 years.

Our Portal talks about all the sweet and sour stories of our city. We report about the city the most in a wide variety of Nagpur Latest News. Right from covering the local happenings and events to the breaking news of different genres like Politics, Education, Maha Metro, Mihan, Entertainment, Food, Culture, Sports, Jobs and many more.

The city is too happening to have a full-fledged portal on it and Nagpur Oranges caters to this need. Although, we have a couple, however, Nagpur Oranges has its own specialty, which you would realize as you remain connected with it time and again. So stay connected with us to get the best updates and news about the city. And if you have anything to share in any form – text, videos or photos either mailing to us directly or through messenger. Trust us, we will cover them giving all due credit to you!

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