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Class NP4 RCC Hume Pipe – Another Heavy Weight Launched by Tangsa Hume Pipes

Tangsa Hume Pipes are manufacturers and suppliers of Concrete RCC pipes for the past 21 years. The company has recently launched Class NP4 (non-pressure) RCC Hume Pipe to keep up with the fast paced development across India for creating world class infrastructure. Until recently, irrigation and drainage projects used the NP2 and NP3 RCC Pipes which worked well for bearing light to medium culvert traffic but with increase of pressure and heavy culvert traffic, the launch of NP4 Reinforced Concrete Pipes comes as a milestone in the Hume Pipe industry. “The new NP4 Reinforced Concrete pipe is heavy-duty, high tensile and durable. They are strong, leak-proof, and low maintenance; thus making them the preferred option for the Construction Industry,” stated the CEO, Mr. Rajiv Agarwal.

Hume Pipes
Hume Pipes

Non Pressure RCC Hume Pipe is a premium product manufactured in different sizes varying by diameter and length of the individual piece. The NP4 heavy-duty, non-pressure pipes are one of a kind that can be used for irrigation, drainage and for cross drains with heavy culvert traffic frequency.

The NP4 RCC Hume Pipes are manufactured with high-quality cement, using the latest technology at Tangsa’s state of the art manufacturing unit at Digboi Road, Assam. Each pipe undergoes various tests to ensure quality and durability. Tangsa Hume Pipes works hand in hand with many Government, Semi-Government, Public and Private sector companies in the field of water infrastructure since the year 2000. With the launch of Class NP4 RCC Pipes, Tangsa looks forward to benefit from the current Government’s focus on strengthening the water, irrigation and drainage system and create a stronger foundation for the country’s infrastructure.

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