Director Dushyant Pratap Singh expressed concern, saying that in the glowing industry there are people who are daily wagers.

Dushyant Pratap Singh has completed the shooting of his two films Trahimam and Shatranj in the past. Director producer Dushyant Pratap Singh had completed preparations for the release of both films, but due to the lockdown, he had to stop his release for now. Recently, Covid-19 positive report of Big Boss fame Arshi Khan has come out who is the lead actress of Film Trahimam.

Director Dushyant Pratap Singh has expressed concern due to the Corona epidemic and the complete ban on Bollywood on the other side. He says that there are many people in this shining film industry who fill their stomach every day by earning daily and the number of such people is at very high. In such a situation, all the people associated with the film industry like Spot Boy, Lightman, Camera Attendant, Junior Artist are either sitting at home or are forced to leave Mumbai.

Let us tell you that last year too, a campaign called #savebollywood was run by Dushyant Singh in which he wrote a letter to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, not only told the problems of the film industry but also gave suggestions for its solution.

The same Dushyant Pratap Singh said that as per the schedule fixed by December 2021, he has about 6 new projects proposed which include short films and feature films as well as he is making some big music videos as well.

Dushyant Pratap, who has successfully directed dozens of reality shows, TV serials and the film titled by ‘The Hundred Bucks’ last year, is in the limelight for his outstanding work. Despite working with many big faces, the concern of small technicians and even people from the labor class shows their grounded association

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