How can I get a NREGA card online?

The Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act of 2005 is a recognized labor law cum social security initiative in India. This aims at guaranteeing the right to work and offers details of the NREGA including the functional zone of the same along with objectives, the procedure of application for MGNREGA Job Card, and so on. NREGA is known as the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act of 2005. Post passing of the Act at the time of its launch, it got renamed as MGNREGA which has been delineated in its full form above.

NREGA card online
NREGA card online

The scheme came in as a social initiative that guaranteed the right to work in rural zones of the country. The key idea behind this labor law and social initiative is that local governments will have to legally offer a minimum of 100 days as wage employment in rural parts of the country for enhancement of quality of life. NREGA is majorly functional in rural areas of the country. Every rural household with family members volunteering for unskilled labor will get a minimum of 100 days of paid employment courtesy of the Government. The work will be utilized for building long-term infrastructure including ponds, wells, canals, and roads in rural parts of India.

NREGA major goals

One of the biggest social initiatives in the whole world for generating paid employment in India of at least 100 days for every volunteer worker.
Social inclusion via enhancing the livelihood of people who represent the rural poor.
Creating durable assets throughout rural zones including roads, wells, canals, ponds, and other infrastructure.
Lowering urban migration from rural zones.
Building rural infrastructure via untapped rural labor.

Eligibility Criteria

Should be an Indian resident.
Minimum age of 18 years while applying.
Applicant should be living in a local household.
Should volunteer for unskilled labor work.

Applicants receive the NREGA job card which also works as Government identification for them. This is registered with the local Gram Panchayat under the scheme, containing information like registration number, applicant details, and so on. This helps in applying for paid work with Gram Panchayats. This card may also be used for KYC completion across post offices and banks alike.

Procedure for applying

Applications may be given on the form taken from the local Gram Panchayat or via plain paper.
The job application procedure is offline although the application form may be downloaded from
Major fields to be filled up include photograph, name of Gram Panchayat, Village, Age, Name, and Gender of applicants, Name of Block, Details of whether people are beneficiaries of ST/SC/LR/IAY, and specimen signature/thumb impression for applicants.
Additional proof should be given via documents like the Voter ID card, ration card, PAN card, and Aadhar Card.

Post submission, the NREGA job card will be provided to the applicant within a period of 15 days from submission.

Key details in the job card

Details of applicants in the household including father’s name, name, gender, age, bank account number, or post office bank account number and address.
Employment/job record.
Photograph of the cardholder.
Employment details including employment dates.
Unemployment allowance payout information. Under the MGNREGA, this is payable if applicants are not given employment within 15 days of making the application.

The payment procedure is done post calculating wages payable for the work given. The primary procedure is direct wage transfer to bank accounts of cardholders. Applicants may open new bank accounts via their job cards for this purpose. Sometimes payments are made in cash through the Gram Panchayat. This may happen owing to the lower penetration of post offices/banks in the rural area in question. This is only allowed with prior approval and intimation to the State and Union Governments. Wages are the same for every worker, irrespective of gender and age. The MGNREGA App offers ample scope for registered users for checking information on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in their local zones or Gram Panchayats.

Details given through the MGNREGA app include the list of work data (state-wise) for every Gram Panchayat in the country and total payouts given to every Panchayat by Governments. This also contains information on work done under the scheme, new and upcoming schemes, and so on. Users of this app may find out more information about available work in their local Gram Panchayat zones likewise.

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