Kunal Devani: The man and the mind behind your exotic cuisines and happening food places like ‘Waffle Affairs’ in Delhi.

As a young entrepreneur in the food and beverages industry, Kunal Devani has astounded people with his passion for food and the success he has achieved so far.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people, the emergence of young professionals and entrepreneurs across business industries and fields have made the most headlines and rightfully so for the kind of immense talents, tenacity and passion these youngsters have shown for their chosen industries. The food and beverages industry is one, which so far has welcomed innumerable such talents, but one name that has been making a lot of buzz as a foodpreneur with his multiple outlets is Kunal Devani. He is a Delhiite but has been making a name for himself across the country for his pure will and entrepreneurial spirit to make it huge in the industry.

Kunal Devani confesses he was always a party animal right from his college days and loved throwing parties and treat his friends with some sumptuous food. When people started appreciating him for his innate skills, he showed through organizing these parties with good food; he knew what he wanted to do in life. So far, he has organized 50+ parties. At a very early age, Kunal Devani decided to take a deep dive into entrepreneurship by becoming a foodpreneur, naturally for his love for food and for also creating his unique niche with his cafes and restaurants. This young talent came up with his first baby called ‘Waffle Affairs’, focusing on the concept of a dessert shop and a quick-service restaurant, which soon became a successful project. This motivated him to take a step further and originate ‘The Second Affair’ named restaurant. Now, he also owns Showstopper, and SkyNest, the terrace café and has come forward to cater to health-conscious people with his fitness food takeaway outlet named Lean Kitchen.

To dive deeper into the niche, Kunal Devani also started with his interiors business for cafes and offices called ‘GK Hospitality’. All his cafes and restaurants are a big hit and are only growing in business and making more revenue. All this have been achieved by this young foodpreneur in five years of being in the industry. His efforts have also been recognized, and he has been awarded ‘Public Choice Awards’.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @kunal_devani.

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