Meet Murtaza Rangwala one of the most expensive Luxury influencer

The Dubai-based luxury influencer has gradually gained a mammoth of fans and followers who love following his luxury content on social media.

It is so wonderful to know about all those people and professionals who make sure never to leave a stone unturned in their respective niches and grow beyond the usual success standards set by other established names in their industries. These professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, leaders and business owners have been giving it their all and crossing boundaries in order to reach the highest of the highs in the same and, in the process, also ignite the fire within other budding talents and up-and-comers to commit to their dreams and listen to their hearts. Doing that and much more in the social media world as a one-of-a-kind lifestyle influencer is Murtaza Rangwala.

Murtaza Rangwala
Murtaza Rangwala

Murtaza Rangwala, in all these years, has thrived incredibly as a social media influencer in the luxury niche. His outstanding content, be it taking people on different journeys on Dubai roads, where he is based, or letting people peep into his personal life all about opulence, the best of cars, stays, and more, has always turned heads toward him. People love watching his content that showcases his true self without any pretence, which also presses on the fact how individuals, no matter where they reach in life and how luxurious they create their lifestyle, humility and honesty are values they must always stick closer to, which he does.

This passionate luxury influencer based in Dubai loves to travel to unique and beautiful locations of the world, which people can know by the saved stories he has put on his Instagram page (@thatmedianerd). What has even attracted more attention toward him is his growth as a self-made entrepreneur in the world of digital media.

He serves as the Founder of the entertainment portal Filmymantra, which in recent times has emerged as a one-stop shop for all things Bollywood and entertainment. It is a growing celebrity and entertainment news media site which brings the most sought-after industry news, updates and bits to the public online.

As a luxury influencer, he wants to do much more in the social media realm and keep bettering his craft to inspire more people to work toward creating a life like his.

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