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Now passengers will get generic medicines, masks in trains

Apart from other non-food items, passengers will also get basic generic medicines soon. Which are allowed to be sold without a prescription.

Nagpur: Central Railway (CR) is all set to bring a New Year’s gift to its own passengers passing through Nagpur Division to realize their ‘Train Side Vending’ project.

Apart from other non-food items, passengers will also get basic generic medicines very soon. Which are allowed to be sold without a prescription, as well as items related to coronavirus such as sanitizers and masks on long-distance trains.

Central Railway project is also being finalized very fast, in which 3 authorized vendors will also be allowed to sell a number of specified non-food items in trains. And the same scheme is currently being properly rectified in the final tender stage under the senior divisional commercial manager Krishnath Patil and the supervision of Divisional regional manager (DRM) Richa Khare.

Other materials that will also be available include skincare items, mobile and laptop chargers, cosmetics, oral health care products, stationery products, clothing, and newspapers. And even local handicrafts will be made available. A similar scheme also exists in the Jabalpur Division of West Central (WC) Railway.

Divisional Regional Manager Office

Authorized sellers, who will be employed in the scheme only after police verification and medical examination, will also be allowed to sell their own fare between 6 am to 9 pm. An official has also said that the sellers will sell very strictly on the basis of Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on the products as well. And any passenger’s complaint regarding any discrepancy will also be taken very seriously.

Central Railway had also added the clock multi-purpose facility of a juice center, light breakfast eatery, and a photocopying facility under one roof for its own staff, medical staff, and patients of the Central Railway Hospital. Apart from other common people visiting Divisional regional manager office.

According to an official, in its initial phase, the latest facility of ‘Train Side Vending’ will also be allowed on Nagpur-Ballarshah, Nagpur-Badnera, and Nagpur-Itarsi routes.

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