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Online Fraud Victim Gets his Lost 83 Lakhs by Cyber Cells

It’s rare to see the money lost online is returning to the victim losing the same. But thanks to the active Nagpur Cyber Cell cops, who not only nabbed the cyber crook but also squeezed the money he has stolen from the bank. It all happened when a caller posing as a customer of the bank asked to deposit the money to his account as a loan of 9.60 lakhs. The bank employees considering him as a trusted employee did the same and soon realized that they were fooled.

Soon they reported the matter to the Cyber Cell of Nagpur Police and they came out active to catch the man who has been fooling many banks and other people with his lucrative words and other statements. The officials of cyber cell Nagpur caught the man who has fooled not less than 243 people from the city and other places. he has been running this fraud for one year and was finally caught by the cyber cell.

As per reports, the year 2019 had 2370 cases of online fraud in city and other places reported that went to the whopping cost of around 83 lakhs. With cracking of the case, the cyber cell of Nagpur Police was able to retrieve the said amount from the cyber crook. While talking about the same, the cyber cell DCP Mr. Khedkar said that the victim should report the matter at the earliest so that the cyber cell can act on time and get the goons. He said that these crooks transfer the money from banks to wallets and it can be tracked down provided they are reported the matter at the earliest.

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