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Pollution Free Diwali Claims City Body – NMC

Come Diwali and crackers and firework remains the key attraction of people celebrating the festival of light. However, this time, the city witnessed a dismal fall in bursting the crackers and firework. This has led to a pollution-free Diwali claims the city body – NMC. But one has to thank the unseasonal rains that messed up the celebration reducing the bursting of crackers and fireworks to a great extent. But the local traders and businessmen had to bear the loss as their business this season affected a lot.

On the other side, if you check the levels of particulate matter or PM it has crossed the danger levels after emission of toxic content that comes out from the crackers. Last year the air quality index has remained 192, while this year the figure went pretty down allowing the NMC to boast about the same. However, the experts feel that the AQI was only measured in the areas of Civil Lines since the unit measuring the AQI level in the city is based in this area.

It would be fair to claim that the presence of greenery in the area has helped a lot to make things better. The activists now demand to install similar pollution units at different places inside the city. This is because they feel that the AQI levels have been on the higher side in other parts of the city that were enough to give health issues like lung infection and other issues. The NGO called Green Vigil Foundation is behind the same. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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