Salman Khan reprimanded MC Stan and Archana Gautam, showed them the way out

He asked him to slap Archana Gautam too very hard. Stan got very excited and then started slapping her

In a recent episode, both MC Stan and Archana Gautam got into a heated argument over the tasks in the Bigg Boss house. They started abusing each other’s families resulting in quite an ugly conflict. MC Stan voluntarily chose to leave the house after the brawl. Sajid Khan also asked Stan not to leave the house.

salman khan reprimanded

He asked him to slap Archana Gautam too very hard. Stan got very excited and then started slapping her. Shiva tried hard to stop him from doing so. Now, as Shukravaar Ka Vaar is about to air in a few hours, A teaser is doing the rounds in which actor Salman Khan has slammed both MC Stan and Archana Gautam for their infamous brawl.

In the promo, it is shown that Salman asks the rapper why would he target someone’s parents during a fight. And then he also asks Stan whether he was right or wrong about the fight, To which the rapper replies that he was absolutely definitely wrong about the “thing” (slang) he said.

He then also informs Archana Gautam that she had informed the rapper that he had entered the program on liberal grounds, So which prompted him enough to inform that it was in fact him who did it. After Archana Gautam confirms that she is right, host Salman announces, “If that’s your attitude, then leave the house now.” However, it is not clear which claimant was shown the door.

Meanwhile, Shalin and Tina are the next to receive the blitz. In this promo, Salman Khan asks Tina, ‘For which game was she paying money and with whom?’ Surprised at this, she said, “Sir I don’t act, I have told Shalin also that we cannot be together.” Salman explains, “There is no consistency in your game, when you were weak you went with him, and got strong you left him.”

The promos have piqued the interest of many viewers who are now eagerly waiting to watch tonight’s episode. Now it is going to be very interesting to see who among the two contestants gets evicted.

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