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6 new covid cases and 44 active cases in Nagpur disrtict

After a two-day hiatus, Nagpur district recovered to 97.94 percent COVID-19 recovery rate on Thursday. With 08 people becoming corona-free, the total number of people recovered reached 4,82,879.
In Nagpur city, eight people were recovered from COVID-19, while no recoveries were reported in rural or outlying districts. There were 44 active cases at the time. On Thursday, six people in Nagpur district tested positive for coronavirus.

One case was reported in Nagpur’s rural and outlying districts, while four people tested positive for coronavirus in the city. This brings the total number of positive cases to 4,93,042. The 6,819 people who tested positive for coronavirus out of the total positive cases are not from Nagpur district.
Nobody died from coronavirus in Nagpur, both rural and urban, for the 20th day in a row. The total number of deaths from coronavirus was 10,119, with 1,623 of those who died not being district residents.

On Thursday, the Nagpur district noted a mild increase in the number of tests, with 4,826 tests completed. Nagpur rural reported 1,235 tests, while the city reported 3,592 tests.
To prepare for the unlikely 3rd wave, NMC has started an initiative of providing door-to-door healthcare to the slum dwellers of the city.


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