Bigg Boss 14 update: Salman Khan scolds Rubina Dilaik over weekend ka vaar

On the “weekend ka vaar” episode that aired on Sunday, we witnessed Rubina Dilaik in form. This time, however, Salman Khan asked her to simmer down. The members of the house were asked to dress up for the episode. Rubina denied to do so. She complained about how she did not have clothes to wear since she did not get her items for the week. Rubina also expressed her remorse for a task that Bigg Boss had asked the freshers to do. The task involved Nikki and Rubina to stand at the podium with dustbins by their sides and all of the other contestants were supposed to dump dry leaves in the bin of that person who they think has more “kachra” in their brain.

Salman Khan Angry on Rubina Dilaik bigg boss 14
Salman Khan Angry on Rubina Dilaik bigg boss 14

Rubina was highly upset about the task and refused to participate in it. She said it was a very derogatory task and she does not think there is any filth in her mind. Soon, Salman joins them and tries to explain the purpose and the meaning to Rubina. He tells her how the definition of “kachra” here is different from what she is inferring and it’s not literal trash. Rubina is hyper throughout and talks at a higher tone than required. Salman asks her to not argue with him. He rejects her point and says it is unacceptable. He also asks her if she had watched the show before. Rubina denies. Salman says it is her fault that she did not follow it before agreeing to be on it. Khan reveals that Rubina was going to receive praises, till she refused to do the task. Rubina argues further.

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Salman, however, Salman still tries to explain to her that it’s a game and she should adjust to all the tasks and challenges thrown at her in the game. Rubina argues back and Salman eventually loses his calm and asks her to decide if she wants to be in this game or not.

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