Bigg Boss Announces Punishment for Sidharth Shukla for getting Physical with Mahira Sharma

Wednesday was simply a furious drama day inside Bigg Boss 13 house. The episode began with a task allocated by Bigg Boss, titled ‘Transportation Task’. While performing the task, Mahira Sharma got hurt due to the rough behavior of Sidharth Shukla attempting to snatch a sack from her. Mahira turned quite angry over such a ridiculous behavior of Sidharth Shukla and complained of his aggressive behavior sustaining inside the house.

She even lost her temper and started yelling at Asim’s team as they played unhealthy and manner less game.
Angry over Shukla pushing her to the ground, Mahira even threw boxes over Asim, but Asim, did sustain his calm as Aarti told him not to leave the task in mid at any cost. Mahira later even broke down and cried after a while. Paras Chhabra, Mahira’s good friend then came in the picture and helped her calm down but, angry Mahira continued to scream for a while.

Afterword, relating to such misbehavior going on inside Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss called a fall-in of the contestants in the common room where, Shehnaaz turned out to be a refute. Even though twice called for the gathering, she refused to abide by Bigg Boss’s call.

In turn, Bigg Boss nominated Sidharth Shukla into the unsafe zone for two weeks straight as a punishment for being violent with his fellow contestants on the show. On the other hand, even Sana was nominated for one week as a punishment for not listening to Big Boss as well.

The episode further continued for the next day showing fights and altercations between the housemates. The war of words will still continue between Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra who will be seen poking each other concerning their careers.

Shukla is even called ‘Budhaa’ by his co-contestants.

Meanwhile, a sudden fight has erupted between the housemates over the kitchen ration. Arti kept blaming Asim and Paras for not managing the allocated ration, properly which further led into an ugly fight between Arti and Asim which continued towards blaming each other of hiding the ration. Furious at Arti’s misbehavior, Asim requested Bigg Boss to pick a new captain of the house in place of Arti.

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