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City Air Quality Second Most Polluted in the State

Yes, you heard it right, Nagpur city’s air quality has gone bad to worse become the second most polluted in the state with Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) on the top of this list. In the latest released report of the World Air Quality, it has identified the top 51 places in the country that are reported with low-quality air and Nagpur in the state is the second one to have the WR points as 146 and PM2.5 reaching to 4702 after New Bombay getting 61.6.

If we talk about India, it is regarded as the fifth most polluted nation in the world. The PM2.5 is reported with 58.1 for our country that seems to be leading our nation away close to the bad quality air. PM2.5 happens to be a deadly pollutant that can prove lethal to us in many ways. The other cities in the state that remain polluted in the state include Mumbai Aurangabad, Nashik, Solapur, Pune, Chandrapur, Kupti and Kumbahori to name a few.

As per the same reports, Nagpur has breached all the toxic levels giving up by 400 per cent. When the experts were asked as to what makes Nagpur city so polluted they pointed out the number of combustions that are taking place in the city that boost up the pollution and thus hamper the quality of the air in a big way. The thermal power plants and other similar issues like landfill fires and solid waste along with commercial food waste do all the damage in the city that has been making Nagpur the polluted city in the state.

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