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COVID-19 update: 36 people recovered on Saturday, only 14 people from Nagpur district included

Saturday was a day of recovery in Vidarbha because in a single day about 36 covid patients have been cured in Vidarbha.

Nagpur: Saturday was a day of recovery in Vidarbha because in a single day about 36 covid patients have been cured in Vidarbha. Which is a very good number compared to the number of people who have recovered in the last four weeks.

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At the same time, 17 new covid-19 patients have been found in a single day. Due to higher recovery and fewer new COVID-19 cases, the number of patients under treatment has come down to about 178 – very few since the start of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

The 36 recoveries on Saturday include 14 from Nagpur city only and 6 from Buldhana, then 7 from Gadchiroli and 4 each from both Washim and Chandrapur. Close to 10,000 new tests were conducted in the field. With only 17 of those tested testing Covid positive, the test covid positivity rate has come down further.

No new cases were reported in Gadchiroli, Bhandara, Akola, Gondia

Akola: So far no new positive case has come out in the district Akola in the month of October. 428 new covid tests done on Saturday were negative. Now 13 patients of covid-19 are currently undergoing treatment inside Akola. And the total number of cases 57,860 and the number of patients recovering (56,710) remained unchanged. This district has a toll of 1,137.

Buldhana: Out of the new 555 tests conducted in the last 24 hours in the district, two cases have come positive. Now Buldhana has a case load of 87,573.

Washim: Only one new covid-19 patient has been reported in the district on Saturday, 4 in Washim
covid patients are cured.

Gadchiroli: On Saturday, about seven patients of covid-19 have been completely cured in the district and no new covid-19 patient has been found.

Bhandara: All 471 covid tests done in the district in the last 24 hours on Saturday have come negative. No covid patient has been cured.

Yavatmal: No one died in Yavatmal on Saturday. Due to which there is no change in the number of dead people. And out of about 72,886 covid positive patients. 71,090 including one on Saturday have been completely cured. The positivity rate of covid test is 9.78% and covid mortality rate is 2.45% and daily is 0.17% covid positivity rate.

Amravati: 3 new covid cases have been reported and no patient has been cured. No patient has died and 20 covid patients are still being treated. Total covid tests have been done 284.

Gondia: 0 day has been recorded once again in the district as all the 269 covid tests conducted in the last 24 hours were negative.

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