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City man Bags 1 crore prize from a 6 Rs Lottery ticket

Yes, you heard it right, in an interesting tale of the lady luck making a man in Nagpur overjoyed, we saw Mr. Prashant Kumar bagging one crore prize from a six rupee lottery ticket. On 1st Jan when this man was passing by a lottery shop near his home, he showed his back but then something struck in his mind and he returned to get one. Since he did not want to spend too much, he got the lottery ticket that was dirty cheap getting the same at 6 Rs.

Little did he knew that his lottery of six rupees can make him a millionaire. The Dear Lottery run and managed by the Nagaland was quick to announce the winner and luckily this time it was the man from Nagpur. He was felicitated by the group in Nagpur with the prize money by the ticket vendor. Kumar is a central government employee and talking about the victory he said he could not believe that his ticket has won him 10 million as the result was declared online.

He said his family members were negative about it calling it to be a fraud. With the GST Bhavan taking away his 30 per cent of his money, he still would be getting 70 lakhs out of the prize money in his kitty. Talking about his plans, he said he has a home loan, which he would foreclose immediately while with the rest of money he would get one plot for him. As said lottery may appear simple but for many, it is a ray of hope and dreams, which seems true in the case of Kumar.

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