Dr Ajay Magan claims discovery of millions of times more powerful anti-virus than Covid19 virus

International cosmic healer Dr. Ajay Magan is a person who has cured more than 4200 Covid-19 infected people during this corona period. All this work is being done free of cost by him.

He claimed to have discovered a unique drug by which all kinds of deadly viruses, including the Covid-19 virus, can be eliminated. This antivirus is Happiness.

He says that the human body is like a city and its parts and suffixes are its colonies. If they live together in harmony with each other, there will never be any problem. But if they fight, the whole body will get upset and the people living in it will live life fearing it. In such a situation, the body’s own resistance power will fall.

The anti-virus of happiness has a direct effect on the resistance of the body, which is very important to fight all viruses or diseases. Giving another example, he said that immunity is the army of the human body and the human body is the king of this army. If the morale of the king is weak then the morale of the entire army is broken and the army loses the battle. In such a situation, if the antivirus of happiness is filled in this army, then this army can defeat the biggest war with its self-confidence.

There is an atmosphere of negativity and fear everywhere in the society and due to this the resistance force of the body has fallen. If we create a happy atmosphere in the society, then the number of patients will decrease immediately. For this, it is necessary to move forward with such knowledge that every person can save himself from this virus.

If a person knows the way to contact with cosmic energies and comes to the art of conveying happiness by going to the universe inside his body with his favorite fragrance, then there will be no effect of any virus on him. He says that if the government gives the public an opportunity to learn this through television, then the number of patients can decrease immediately.

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