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Enjoy a Perfect Tea at These Top Chaiwalas of Nagpur

Irresistible Tea To Enjoy in Nagpur with These Top 9 Chaiwalas of the City

Top 9 Chaiwalas of Nagpur
Top 9 Chaiwalas of Nagpur

Nagpur is known as a city of gourmets which is known for its wide range of food and drinks. Tea comes on the top when we talk about the city, tea lovers come on the top as it offers some of the best tea for the people. Exploring the list of the top five Chaiwalas of Nagpur would be interesting for tea lovers, have a look at these as under:

1). Baba Chaiwala – Name the best place for tea in Nagpur and the first place that emerges at the top include Baba Chaiwala based in Mominpura. On a daily basis, this tea stall offers 4500 tea cups starting early 5 am to 3 am. Being into this business since 55 years, it remains the oldest tea stall in Nagpur known for the quality and tasty tea.

  • USP: Without or less water tea
  • Location: Mohd Ali Sarai, Mominpura

    Baba Chaiwala Nagpur
    Baba Chaiwala Nagpur

2). Raavan Tea stall – The next tea stall in Nagpur to name include Raavan tea located at Dharampeth beside Mangalam Arcade. This Chaiwala has remained in the city for ten years. The timing for the tea stall is from 8.30 am to 7 pm, while it sells to around 1400 to 1700 tea. It offers the best quality tea offered with elaichi powder offering the best aroma.

  • USP: Elaichi Tea
  • Location: Beside Mangalam Arcade, Dharampeth

3). Santosh Chaiwala – The next popular tea stall to enjoy good tea include Santosh Chaiwala. It is located near Laxmi Nagar square and it has been at the same place since past 48 years. The timing for the tea stall is from 5 am to 7 pm. On the daily basis it sells out more than 1500 to 1700. It helps you to enjoy a little strong ginger, while it also offers Coffee. It is available from 5 am to 3 am tea and it sells cups up to 4000 cups on a daily basis.

  • USP: Little strong because of the ginger
  • Location: Laxmi Nagar square

4). Arun Tea Center – The other popular tea stall in Nagpur is Arun Tea Center, which is located at Tiranga Square. It offers some of the best tea, offered sweet tea in two different kettles and people come here to enjoy tea as per people’s taste. The tea stall enjoys a good rapport with consumers. It offers more than 1200 cups on a daily basis.

  • USP: He makes strong as well as sweet tea in two different kettles
  • Location: Tiranga Sqaure

5). Mauli Tea Centre – The next tea stalls to enjoy cool tea include Mauli tea center, which is located near KDK college in Nandavan. Its been into this business since last four years and the tea is sold from 7 am to 8pm. On the daily basis the owner of the tea stall – Rajesh Amdedare earns good by selling 1500 – 1700 cups on a daily basis. The stall attracts young people from the nearby boys and girls hostels found nearby.

  • USP: Strong team, with great hangout place for youngster and couples
  • Location: Near KDK College, Nandanvan

6). Raju Tea Stall – The next tea stall includes Raju tea stall found at Traffic Park, Dharampeth. It has been found in this place since the last three decades owned by Raju Tanje. He sells more than 1300 to 1700 cups on a daily basis. The USP of this tea stall is that it is offered in porcelain cups, which is rare  in the city.

  • USP: Tea offered in clean and  hygienic porcelain cups
  • Location: Traffic Park, Dharampeth

7). Dilip Tea Stall – The next tea stall includes Dilip tea stall which is located near Ram Mandir, Ram Nagar square. It has been in this city for the past 28+ years. It offers 1200 – 1400 on a daily basis. The tea is slightly cold, while it happens to be a little strong with a little sweet.

  • Location: Near Ram Mandir, Ram Nagar square

8). Dolly Chaiwala – The next popular name in the list of tea stalls include Dolly Chaiwala which is located at VCA stadium square. It sells out the cup on a daily basis around 3500 – 5000 cups. He has created the space around the tea stall the best on the footpath.

  • USP: The tea is slightly cold but strong
  • Location: VCA stadium square

    Dolly Chaiwala Nagpur
    Image Source: Nagpur Today

9). Ravi Tea Stall – The next in this list comes in the form of Ravi tea stall located near Accharaj towers, Chhaoni. It has been there for 18 years and the timing would be 7am to 11 pm. The owner Ravi Shinde sells out around 1200 to 1500 cups on a daily basis.

  • USP: A fixed quantity of ginger and cardamom is used by the owner
  • Location: Opp Accharaj towers, Chhaoni

Wrapping up

These are some of the top chaiwala or tea stalls in Nagpur that helps you enjoy the best tea in the city. Check them out the taste at these places and comment about the taste below.

Source: Times Of India

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