Entrepreneur Sachin Saraiya : Try to be inbound marketing genius, craft your own skills.

Sachin Saraiya (Born 17th February 1999) a young ardent who has unfolded his talent in every aspect of social media marketing. The co-founder of JSDigital and Media Manager for various Celebrities from the Bollywood. Leading as a Social Media Manager & Strategist since 2013, SachinSaraiya has made it to the headlines at Mid-Day for handling more than 150 clients and has also promoted various films from the Bollywood with team JSDigital. Specializing in YouTube Marketing, SachinSaraiya & JSDigital have their clientele nationwide & overseas.

A name in the digital marketing and cinematics world is shining bright these days. A name which is surely making it big in the current era of digitization and online boom. The name is Sachin Saraiya. A well-versed social media marketer and AdWords Expert, he is creating magic on various digital media platforms with their distinct creative calibre. Due to his service for various client there has been more follow up on his Instagram and facebookaccount. His keen interest in the online content world inspires him to do all of the great work.

With an experience of 3 years in digital marketing, spanning from working with companies to freelancing projects, he has a well-built understanding of local and global trends of social media commerce. His work ranges from promotional ventures to meme as well as influencer marketing. He has helped many businesses and influencers grow by building their impressive presence on social media. As far as online promotions are concerned, JS Digital has a prolific grip on social media advertisements, including Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. Besides, he specializes in meme page marketing where he promotes trending songs and videos. A lot of his content do rounds on social networks. There are chances that you might as well come across some of his work while scrolling your Instagram feed!

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