Dr.TaraSweta Arya- The Leading Social Activist

JDU’s former state secretary of General wing and Rashtriya Mahila Mantri for Mahila Vikas Manch Dr Tara Shweta Arya is one of the leading social activist in Bihar. Having completed her MBBS and post-graduation in OBG department the IVF specialist IRM Kolkata has done prominent work in the field of social welfare. Being a doctor she has done her duty thoroughly. She has provided a lot of people with free medical check-ups and medicine distribution. She has capped more than 65 welfare camps and has helped a lot of people get a better life. The IVF specialist has done more than 500 cases of pregnancy for infertile women in Bihar. Her exceptional work in this field grabbed a lot of attention towards her. She states that women in our country need more empowerment and that is one of the priority work she will always continue to do.


Dr.TaraSweta Arya has also done a lot of social welfare for the state of Bihar during the floods of 2017. She has helped the flood victims by providing them with food, Shelter and medical care and continues to do till date. Her work was so extensive that the ruling party of Bihar JDU invited her into politics which gave her a better platform for her social welfare. Her goal is to help the poor and give them a standard lifestyle so they can compete with the modern-day society. Having won the titles of Mrs Bihar, Mrs India and Mrs World this lady has set up an example for the people and women of our country.

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