Music sensation Walter Giulini is all set to rule the industry

Backed by immense talent and passion to reach the top, Walter has decided to conquer the music realm with his talent. 

Many artists that come with dreams in their eyes have different goals when they enter the industry. Some may want to make music just to get themselves into commercials or TV or movies, while some may want to become famous and tour the world doing their music concerts in different countries, and a few might want to enter the industry and make tracks for other artists or be signed by a big label. Whatever might be their aim one thing is crystal clear without talent, and hard work one can reach nowhere. One such talented music artist who has come up to lead the industry is Walter., who has made a deep impact with his debut releases and is bound to stride ahead given his extraordinary and unique music talent.


Walter hails from Paris, France, and is currently holed up in Dubai to spread his wings into the world of music. He has achieved success with his initial releases and says that one needs to follow certain rules in order to be right on track. He says, “your success in the music industry ultimately depends on how good you are with your music and how much following it garners. A good song released initially can help an artist kickstart his career, but they need to constantly keep pace and keep pushing themselves to keep that momentum intact or else it is impossible to survive in this cut throat competitive world of music where there’s no dearth of talent.” Walter strongly feels that talent alone cannot help you survive in the long run but other important factors like work ethics, sincerity, humbleness and right promotional tools definitely can. “talent does matter up to a certain extent but if your songs don’t reach the right audience or there’s no right exposure, it won’t take you far for sure,” warns Walter. 

He has made a strong foothold in the music industry with his work and has charmed his fans with his recent songs Lova and Demain and his upcoming release J’adore is also going to create the same hysteria as his previous releases, for sure. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               To know more about this music sensation, follow him on Instagram @walterzanetti_

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