Kuldeep Singh Bindra – Millionaire or Bankrupt ? What is the Truth


Dubai based Millionaire – Kuldeep Singh Bindra alias “Punnu” trying “Dunki” .. that is leaving the country via illegal routes .Does everyone want to know the truth behind a ” bankrupt ” living a lavish life style ? He resides with his wife Kristina Bindra & his two kids, who attend posh schools in Dubai where the annual school fees are around 40 – 50 lakh rupees.

Bindra is involved in many cases with developers and banks in UAE. Few are 8772/2022 Commercial Execution Dubai… 514 / 2018 Dubai Real Estate Implementation…111/ 2022 Department of Urgent Temporary Matters…Order on petition 325/2020 Ajman. A travel ban has been imposed on him since 5 years… There was also an arrest warrant issued against him but he and his family went into hiding for days .


Bindra is a well known personality and has been part of a huge social circle in Dubai . However he has been faking his financial position and duping everybody . He has multiple properties in Dubai, UK & India that he cleverly bought in an offshore company name .After smartly selling his personal assets in Dubai and transferring his funds overseas,he is now claiming to be in a financial mess , but when you see the REALITY – he is living a super luxurious lavish lifestyle.

Kuldeep Bindra is is involved in big gambling & he use to run a popular gambling Club in Mumbai.
He is now unable to leave the UAE due to the travel ban, where he is currently residing in a 5* hotel apartment & owns luxurious cars & watches worth millions dirhams ..How is this possible as Bindra has no official business in Dubai ?

Soon every one will know what the truth is behind his “Game”..Wait for more shocking revealations


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