Creating waves within the music niche with his innate musical skills and expertise is Hevi Levi.

This next-gen music professional is an astute DJ, electronic dance music producer, and whatnot!

The entertainment and music industry has been one of the most creative fields for ages. It requires a significant level of creativity and innovation to produce entertaining music. The current golden era of generation has been blessed with tremendous loads of talent, skills, and expertise. They have constantly been raising the bar for perfection and performance, which has enthralled millions of listeners around the globe. Thousands of artists, singers, composers, and producers have paved the way attracting umpteen work and livelihood opportunities. With the objective of reaching wider audiences across the globe, budding singers and music artists are leaving no stone unturned in exploring themselves to the fullest. Meet one such emerging DJ and producer named Hevi Levi, whose journey and the story is a remarkable tale to tell and share with others.

Hevi Levi
Hevi Levi

Born and brought up in Tel Aviv, Hevi Levi had strong Iranian roots in music which he explored to establish himself as a complete music artist. Being drawn towards the art and craft of music-making, Hevi Levi honed his overall music skills and expertise and developed his style and panache. Today, Hevi Levi is one of the most sought-after DJs and music producers in Iran and around the world. Some of the prominent highlights of his career was working with Manchester United’s FC Official as a DJ. He also applied for The Red Bull Music Academy and was selected for pro music craft as a DJ. Some of his colossal hits that have enthralled one and all include songs like – No Spoon, Halo Mami, Numb, Feker Libi, Dag Maluch, Titans, and Time.

Garnering a lot of love, fame, and recognition among audiences worldwide, Hevi Levi has developed a loyal fan base of followers. He is now also a proud owner of his record label- Joy Group. For more details, follow him on Instagram @hevilevi and listen to his music on Spotify


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