Fitnesstalks Owner Pranit Shilimkar Perfectly Describes What Moved Him To Get Into The Field Of Fitness

 Pranit Shilimkar

Fitness is not just an important part of life but the way of lifestyle. Many fitness experts are here to show its positive side and how it can create wonders in day-to-day lives. One of the budding names in the fitness industry, Pranit Shilimkar started his career without anyone’s backing and today he is at the top of his game. Born on May 29, 1994, he did not take up studies after passing out 10th grade. He took a completely different route by enrolling himself in various fitness courses. He became a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist in 2013. The initial stage of his career was not that easy, but he was always determined to work hard towards his goals.

While speaking about getting into a career like fitness, he said, “Health is like a long-term investment. You have to pay now to enjoy its benefits in the future. Everyone wants to become a doctor, engineer, a businessman or the social media expert which is the latest trend. There’s a need to stand apart from all, and my journey as a fitness expert sums it all. Live and inspire others to live a fit life is what I believe which developed my interest in this field.” In 2014, he bagged the special population certification and was also certified as the youngest and the first master trainer of Pune.

Besides being a trainer, he explored his entrepreneurial side as well. In 2015, Pranit started his own gym named SLF in Pune. While he turned 24, he established yet another gym named Fitnesstalks. One of the sole reasons behind him getting such recognition is the fact that his training gave the best results to his clients in really less time. Pranit who is known for the 37-days challenge in and beyond Maharashtra has trained around 550 people. With having many celebrities as his clients, Pranit Shilimkar has become everyone’s favourite name in Pune. He has given almost 50 seminars at various events in Mumbai and Pune. Through social media, he plans to reach a large section of the audience this year and we wish him lots of luck for the same.

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