Ibtehaj Hassan aka “LOLibtehaj” Founder of Automated Ventures became an Inspiration for Youth

In recent times, many businesses have migrated to the digital medium, opening up a plethora of opportunities for professionals specializing in this field. Many brands and businesses today are striving to strongly mark their online presence. Establishing your digital presence is not enough as it requires strong digital marketing strategies to deliver the product or service to the right customer base. The demand for digital marketing has increased in recent times, giving experts a way to offer their services to businesses that want to follow the online method of marketing.


Automated ventures help their customers reach the end goal within a given time period. Ibtehaj Hassan believes not in philosophy but in statistics. He helps his clients earn multi-six-figure within 12 months of their consultancy.


Ibtehaj Hassan was born in New York City. He lives there with his parents, grandmother and brothers. Ibtehaj Hassan’s videos are so funny that they can bring a smile to people’s faces at any age. This is what we can expect from more youth like Ibtehaj Hassan who will come forward to spread positivity in the society. Ibtehaj Hassan’s philanthropic personality makes the place delightful wherever he goes. He is very optimistic, Ibtehaj Hassan wants to help other entrepreneurs through his work. They have a good team of employees who work hard to help their customers to create a huge figure and income within 12 months. They also take some additional benefits in processing.


Ibtehaj Hassan does not want the budding entrepreneur to face the same difficulty as him, because to achieve success in any field is a lot of struggle and success comes with a lot of difficulty so people like Ibtehaj Hassan are not motivated to work for the youth. Those who have achieved their goals with hard work and passion.


Ibtehaj Hassan is a philanthropist. He knows the value of hard-earned money and is also very firm about his trick of money flow. Ibtehaj Hassan already wanted to become a doctor and wanted to help others. But the struggle of life showed him some other avenues to serve the people. He joined a fast-food restaurant and after a few months he became the owner of his restaurant. After arranging good capital, Ibtehaj Hassan founded Automated Ventures, an e-commerce company that helped its customers earn multi-million within a time period. Automated Ventures, a company run by Ibtehaj Hassan, is attracting people in a short time. It wants to grow a lot through this company and in the future, it will establish more companies that will benefit the people associated with them and also those people. Make your life’s dreams come true.

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