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In the region no covid death was reported

There is no death due to a coronavirus in this area on Monday, Whereas only four cases of new covid-19 have been worked out.

Nagpur: There is no death due to a covid in this area on Monday, Whereas only four cases of new covid-19 have been worked out. And the number of those who got it right was about 10. 8 districts did not report even 1 new case of covid-19. Once again coronavirus has become free in the Bhandara district as 2 active coronavirus patients have been discharged. Gondia district has also been continuously free from coronavirus.

no covid death

Only Nagpur district has registered new covid-19 cases, While Amravati and Akola have reported 1-1 covid cases in the Amravati division. With just 2 districts, the daily testing stood at around 2,629 – Amravati and Nagpur had figures of 3 or more.

In the month of November so far 59 covid cases, about 70 complete recoveries, and 2 covid deaths have been registered.

Washim: Not a single new covid case has been found in this district, but 1 covid patient has been cured, Whereas in Washim the toll has remained unchanged. Active case tally is also 1 in this district.

Gondia: No coronavirus case or discharge has been reported as Gondia district has been coronavirus free.

Buldhana: Not even 1 new coronavirus case has been found. This district has also not reported coronavirus recovery. There are about 7 active covid cases left in Buldhana.

Akola: In this district, 1 new case of covid-19 has come to the fore, but not a single patient has been cured. There are 11 active cases in the district.

Gadchiroli: No new covid-19 case has been found, There are 2 active covid-19 patients in the district.

Yavatmal: Keeping the toll unchanged at around 1,787 in this district, no one has died or any new covid-19 positive patient on Monday. So far about 6 active covid positive patients are under treatment. The administration had received about 112 covid investigation reports and all those reports have been found negative. 72,914 in the district 71,121 out of covid positive patients. recovered on Monday including Day 1.

The district’s test positivity rate is up to 9.61%, the district’s fatality rate is up to 2.45%. And the daily positivity rate is only 0.

Amravati: There was no report of any death or recovery of any person in this district. The number of covid active cases under treatment in the district has increased to 10.

Wardha: Out of about 84 investigation reports in this district. Not a single new covid positive case was found, recovery or death was reported on Monday. The caseload in this district is 49,410, the recoveries are up to 48,075 and the district’s toll remains unchanged at 1,326. Treatment of 5 covid-19 active positive cases is going on in this district.

Chandrapur: This Chandrapur district has been completely free from covid investigation and casualties even on Monday. Due to the recovery of 1 during the day time, only 10 covid active patients were still undergoing treatment. Chandrapur caseload remained unchanged at 88,819, including 1,542 deaths and 87,267 recoveries.

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