Journalism Trailblazer Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ Presented with Honorary Doctorate by Mother Teresa University

*New Delhi, August 20, 2023*: Sunil Kumar Verma, a prominent name in the world of journalism and affectionately known as ‘Sonu,’ was honored with an honorary doctorate by Mother Teresa University. The esteemed recognition was bestowed upon him for his exceptional contributions to the field of journalism, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

Hailing from the cultural hub of Lucknow, Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ has left an indelible mark on the landscape of media. His journey as the Editor-in-Chief of India24x7 Live TV has been marked by a relentless pursuit of journalistic excellence and a commitment to driving positive change through responsible reporting.

The honorary doctorate from Mother Teresa University underscores Sonu’s remarkable achievements and his steadfast dedication to the profession. Dr. Vijaya Saraswati, Vice-Chancellor of Mother Teresa University, hailed Sonu’s efforts in journalism and his role in fostering societal transformation. The award symbolizes Sonu’s mission to utilize the power of media to create a better-informed and enlightened society.

**A Journey of Impact and Excellence**

With over a decade of experience, Sonu’s journey has been characterized by significant achievements. He initiated a unique newspaper distribution approach, delivering news to households at the crack of dawn. This innovative approach showcased his commitment to delivering news responsibly and effectively.

In 2018, Sonu launched India24x7 Live TV, an endeavor that would redefine news reporting standards. Under his stewardship, the channel gained prominence for its balanced reporting, insightful analysis, and a deep focus on crucial societal issues. His influence extended beyond traditional media, leveraging digital platforms to engage a wider audience.

**Championing Journalism Excellence**

The honorary doctorate is a testament to Sonu’s exceptional contributions to the realm of journalism. His reporting has consistently shed light on pressing social inequalities, human rights violations, and marginalized communities’ struggles. His work has initiated meaningful public discussions, driving policy changes and raising awareness on vital societal matters.

In his acceptance speech, Sonu expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am deeply honored to receive this esteemed honorary doctorate from Mother Teresa University. Journalism has the power to drive societal change, and I am committed to utilizing this power responsibly for the greater good.”

**Inspiring the Future of Journalism**

Sonu’s journey not only exemplifies journalistic excellence but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for budding journalists and advocates of positive change. His dedication to delivering accurate, impactful, and balanced news has elevated him to a revered position in both the media industry and society at large.

The event saw the presence of distinguished personalities from various domains, all lauding Sonu’s contributions. From his incisive reporting to his role in steering social progress, Sonu’s journey serves as a beacon, illustrating journalism’s potential to shape public discourse and drive societal advancement.

In summation, Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ has carved his legacy as a trailblazing journalist and an ambassador of positive societal change. The honorary doctorate from Mother Teresa University is a befitting tribute to his dedication to journalistic integrity and his unwavering commitment to using media for transformative storytelling.

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