Kangana’s indecent statement about independence insulted freedom fighters- Divyanshu Mishra Anshu

The NSUI has expressed strong objection to actress Kangana Ranaut’s indecent statement regarding independence and has termed it as disgusting thinking that humiliates the brave martyrs of the country and the brave sons who fought for freedom. Directions of the organization’s national president Neeraj Kundan But Katni District President and National Organizer Divyanshu Mishra Anshu has posted 3 books related to independence on the address of Discovery of India, The Bhagat Singh Readers and India After Gandhi Kangna, saying that along with knowing the reality of freedom by reading books, She can keep her mind.

Apologizing to the country while clearing the mud filled in it. In the statement issued, Anshu Mishra has said, in the BJP rule, efforts are being made to destroy the image of the country at the international level by honoring those with perverted mindset. But by making such hate speech, the martyrs, freedom fighters are being insulted, will never be tolerated. NSUI demands that along with legal action on Kangana, Padma Shri award given to her should be withdrawn immediately. NSUI martyrs, freedom fighters Along with maintaining the prestige of the country and the country, will fight for action against the Sirfiri Netri who takes the prize in begging.

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