Know About Manish Yadav’s Entrepreneurial Journey from Scratch

In this continuous Digital growing era, our country has seen dramatic development in the advanced showcasing field and online media is its main piece. It’s a boon for some young minds in India like Manish Yadav. Manish is among those youthful innovative heads who have segregated each advantage of the Internet. He trusts in learning and diversifying new patterns and methods in the Digital Marketing field. He founded a company named ‘DigiX Solution Media’ in 2018. Manish has brought chaos to the Digital Marketing industry with his extraordinary Digital Marketing skills. Here, let’s know about the journey of Manish from the scratch and what he wants to suggest to the upcoming generation.

Manish Yadav
Manish Yadav

You were only 16 years old when you stepped into the Digital Industry, which thing motivated you to take the first step? 

Yes, I indeed stepped into the Digital Industry at the very young age of 16. At the age when others were playing and talking over social media, I settled on a choice to stand apart unique in the crowd. I generally needed to be in front of others like Jeff Bezos and Gary Vaynerchuk. I needed to be a helpful thing for others so I might increase the value of others’ lives and help them arrive at where they need to through your calling. This is the thing that inspired me, gave me the solidarity to venture out into the Digital industry. And I find myself lucky to start at such a young age because a lot of people nowadays are struggling in their 30s-40s to find their passion. At the age of 19yr, I established a digital marketing agency ” DigiX Solution Media” which provides digital marketing, designing, development & other marketing-related solutions.

What makes you different from others? 

I think about my vision, my way of thinking, my way of seeing the world. I always had a great vision for my future which is why I’m here today. And secondly, dedication, passion, and hard work are the most common things which lead you to success but most people lack these things and end up being a slave for others. Having and maintaining these things isn’t so particularly simple as it appears, you will fall flat, you will feel depleted working on these things for quite a long time yet at the same time these are the only factors that earn the result you will get. 

What are your plans for the future? 

The solitary plan I have for the future is to hustle more enthusiastically, gather more knowledge, hone my skills and extend my experience. You know, many individuals quit hustling in the wake of accomplishing just 1% of their prosperity and that is the thing that transforms their prosperity into disappointment. However I’m not going to stop here, I will in any case incline toward more hustle and hard work.

Anything for young minds? 

I just need to say that never stops, won’t ever surrender. Things will require some investment however giving up isn’t the correct choice. Continuously anticipate learning new things and growing your insight. Try not to fear experimenting, experiments will give you the experience. Also, simply be reliable with whatever you are doing. Consistency and difficult work are the solitary keys to open achievement. You can achieve anything if you’re following the right path.

Manish Yadav, a renowned digital marketing strategist and founder of DigiX Solution Media believes that digital marketing is going to thrive soon in India. Digital marketing is going to see an extraordinary future in the coming years. The Digital Market has emerged as the most remarkable market in the world. The dynamics of digital marketing are evolving each day, DigiX Solution is ready and brilliant for the most recent revolution in the world.


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