Arinjay Khanna: Emerging Young Entrepreneur

Arinjay Khanna
Arinjay Khanna

Arinjay Khanna is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who owns an online business name Kick Street. His interest in shoes made him start his own business. His team has sold over 25 pairs of shoes in a month. He is also dealing with many YouTubers, influencers, and singers. Apart from his business, he is also focused on his studies. He has more than 2 academic excellence awards. Arinjay Khanna believes that all he has achieved is the result of his constant hard work and dedication. In a very short span of time, he has reached the road of accomplishments. He carried himself to success by facing a lot of hurdles and by being patient. He is working day and night with his hardworking and loyal team of more than 10 people. Instead of a lavish lifestyle, he is helping poor and needy people especially in this hard time of Covid-19. At this point where almost every individual generates self-ego and vanity Arinjay stays humble with his team and motivates them to achieve more success. He had faced many ups and downs, whether it is an academic failure or a business failure but still he didn’t give up and stood calm, due to that he is at the point where every individual dreams to be. He didn’t take a single penny from anyone. Most importantly, all the support from his parents and friends made him strong and motivated. He is all self-made and independent!

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