Shane Makan the epitome of fitness transformation

Health and wellness is an important aspect of human life. Despite its paramount importance in increasing longevity of life, we tend to turn a cold shoulder to personal health and wellness. The pandemic has impeded the growth of the fitness industry and people are struggling to maintain their fitness goals. In tumultuous times like these, fitness trainers and wellness coaches like Shane Makan are helping people to stay on track and live their life to the fullest.

Shane Makan
Shane Makan

Shane Makan is a certified IFBB Pro which is a result of his decade long dedication to fitness. He is very conscious of his body physique and his knack for sculpting his body led him to the coveted bodybuilding competitions around the country. He has won many bodybuilding championships in the past and is among the top one per cent in the world to qualify and earn the title of an IFBB Pro. Shane likes to extend his knowledge to people around him and during his struggling years he doubled up as a trainer and fitness coach to help unfit individuals pay proper attention to their health by curating personalized diet and training programs. Now, he offers his services via Instagram and his clients include top tier athletes, sports teams, celebrities and individuals who are struggling with obesity and weight gain.

Shane Makan has made it this far only because of his optimistic approach to life. He says, “The cloud of negativity and stress is the root cause of declining health. I am fortunate to have discovered the art of simple living and positive thinking at an early stage of my life. Now, I try to extend that positivity to as many people as I can and my training programs equally focus on mental wellness as well as physical fitness. I have many obese clients who didn’t have an ounce of belief that they could make it this far and become fit again. My only advice to them is to have a clear picture that this is going to have an uphill task. Rome wasn’t built in a day and attaining the paramount level of fitness takes time.”

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