The Man Who Didn’t Choose Politics: Sameer Rana

Sameer Rana was born on 14th April,1990 in the city of Faisalabad, Pakistan. He was brought up in the same.

As for his family background, he belongs to a family that is heavily involved in politics. His father Rana Muhammad Shakeel has served as a politician for several years. His Uncle Rana Muhammad Afzal is a powerful name in politics who became the Minister of State for Finance and Economic, and another one of his relatives, Rana Muhammad Iqbal had been the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, from 2008.

Sameer Rana
Sameer Rana

Despite being born in a political family, Sameer is a Pakistani businessman who in the end did not choose this career as his profession. His father also remained associated with PMLN for a long time. However not being associated in politics yet, he often delivers his opinion regarding the current government and its initiatives.

He spoke about the failure of #ImranNiaz The Prime Minister  of pakistan Gov’s foreign policy has landed Pakistan at critical point when EU Parliament has passed resolution by 681vs6 votes to review GSP+ status which PMLN Gov managed to get in its tenure to boost exports to EU. He believes that the Govtmust move fast, and double their efforts to rescue this.

Sameer Rana told us, that his family is his strength. Till date his biggest struggle was achieving his early education.

After completing his education from Lahore, he started his business. He first did his schooling at Beaconhouse, and later went to the University College forman Christian College Of Lahore, from where he did Masters of Commerce. He has countless hobbies, Hiking, badminton, Cricket,writing,includinglong outings, listening to music, and long car rides. He is also a car enthusiast, along with being a car dealer by profession.

Currently working as a car dealer, he is a businessman, who single-handedly owns a Kia Motors Group. Further, he believes in remaining calm in difficult situations, saying “a calm head works best during stressful times” He derives his motivation to work from classical music, it makes him work harder, because of how soothing it is.

If you need his help choosing a wonderful car, he is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because he genuinely loves his work and working overtime for others is not a hassle to him at all.

Sameer Rana’s mentor is his childhood professor, whose teachings he carried with him in all of his decisions. Most importantly, his biggest achievement is the joy he sees on people’s faces after he helps them with their difficulties. After all, his dream in life is to work to make this world a better place for those who are less fortunate. Sameer’s message to all of us is and we quote “don’t wait for the right opportunity, create your own. And always listen to your mind, not to your heart.”

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