Evading execution challenges with proper mentorship from Digital Gabbar: Rohit Mehta

Digital marketing is becoming an inseparable entity for most businesses round the globe. With such magnitude of inclusion, the expectations are surely high from the implementation of digital marketing strategies. The problem arises here as most marketers know the sound principles but lack implementation knowledge when it comes to digital marketing. Digital Gabbar is an informative web portal designed to supply the nitty-gritty of digital marketing services and is working to help young and perplexed marketing enthusiasts solve their problems in the execution phase.

Rohit Mehta
Rohit Mehta

Digital Gabbar is a decade long effort of Mr Rohit Mehta who envisioned an informative web portal that could contribute to the knowledge of visitors and help them become better at their craft, aka Digital marketing. Rohit Mehta finally had the time to spare to devote amole focus to building Digital Gabbar and deploying it on the web. The construction of Digital Gabbar didn’t stop amid the raging pandemic because Rohit Mehta wanted to supply jobs to our work techies and digital marketing professionals to contribute to a worthwhile cause. He even infused a large sum of his income and a part of his rainy day funds to help his vision become a reality.

Mr Rohit Mehta has been active in the digital marketing industry for almost seven years now. His first face-off with digital marketing was back in 2015 when he was trying to maximize the outreach of his blog and was searching the web for adequate and implementable information. With digital marketing tactics, he was able to maximize his blog outreach with a surmounting increase in traffic in the coming months. Embracing digital marketing as his ultimate profession was a big change for Rohit Mehta, who was an established technology expert with a career spanning over a decade in many industries.

Mr Rohit Mehta shares the importance of digital marketing awareness and understanding the caveats before implementing a campaign. He says, “It is a delusional world where credible information is scanty. Many marketers understand the basics but are never exposed to the challenging phase of executing complex strategies that may or may not work. With digital Gabbar, you get industry level experience about various problems and an open community to share and find solutions. Our contributors are experiencing professionals that have matured in the industry and are committed to the cause of raising awareness about digital marketing. We have achieved enormous success within a year since the launch of Digital Gabbar, which is now a trusted information source for many budding entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals.”

Digital Gabbar isn’t the only focus area of Rohit Mehta who has just launched another start-up titled Indian Gabbar that will help bring emerging entrepreneurs and digital marketing savants to the limelight. It is feature stories and authored pieces of upcoming talent that need a boost in outreach. Indian Gabbar has begun featuring many content creators, YouTube personalities, digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs and strives to expand in the coming months.

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