xNARA Unveiled: Dr. Rafi Ahmad’s Vision for Customized Nutritional Solutions

xNARA And Dr. Rafi Ahmad
xNARA And Dr. Rafi Ahmad

Dr. Rafi Ahmad is an Indian-Norwegian scientist and the founder and Chief R&D Officer at xNARA, a personalized supplements company headquartered in Singapore with global offices.

In an interview with BioTuesdays, Dr. Rafi Ahmad describes his company xNARA as “leveraging science and technology to deliver a convenient, customized nutritional and probiotic solution to meet individual nutritional requirements in place of multiple, generic supplements from different sources,”

According to AB Newswire, Dr. Ahmad’s “dedication and commitment to advancing the future of scientific research and innovation have been instrumental” for xNARA which has “set a precedent for the entire scientific community”.


Let’s find out more about the pioneering leader of xNARA:

He received his Master’s of Science in Bioinformatics from the University of Exeter and then proceeded to earn a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry in Norway. His extensive educational background served as a strong foundation for his future achievements.

Dr. Ahmad has held prominent positions at well-regarded organizations such as AstraZeneca, Dassault Systemes, and Medivir.

His field of expertise in research & development includes the following: Antibiotic Resistance, Bioinformatics, Big Data Analysis, Biotechnology, Drug Discovery, Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing. He is also a Professor at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences in Hamar.

At xNARA, Dr. Rafi Ahmad’s visionary sets the strategy, product initiatives, business initiatives, and R&D for the company. He is also credited for conceptualizing, designing, and operating xNARA’s factory in Hyderabad, which is a smart-manufacturing personalized supplements facility.

According to Chief Financial Officer Gautam Sharma, “Dr. Rafi Ahmad is the key force behind the business” and is a “visionary leader” and “strategic thinker” with a passion or “R&D and enterprise”

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