Anurag Dobhal has been evicted from Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show of the country hosted by Salman Khan, the biggest Megastar of the Indian Film and television Industry.
Latest evicted contestant Anurag Dobhal slammed and alleged the makers of the show for his unfair eviction.
Anurag Dobhal unvieled the truth of the reality show Bigg boss, the evicted contestant Anurag Dobhal blamed the show for the conspiracy against him.
Munawar Faruqui and Anurag Dobhal Bigg Boss 17
Munawar Faruqui and Anurag Dobhal Bigg Boss 17
Anurag Dobhal spoke about his unfair eviction and stated that the makers had been planning his elimination for a long time but when they couldn’t do it on the basis of votes, he was evicted by unfair means. He slammed Munawar Faruqui for his fake gameplay and called out the standup comedian for using girls to move ahead him in the game. He also revealed why he never liked Munawar as a person.
Anurag said, “I would like to call it an unfair decision by Bigg Boss.” Anurag further said, “The show is such a huge platform and we’ve seen that in all the 16 seasons, it is the audience who decides who they want to see and who they want to support.” Anurag continued,”When this season started, it started on the basis of bias, they started with a disclaimer. But I didn’t know that this season would be unfair as well.”
Anurag Dobhal alleged, ” So, the favourites have already been chosen. The winner must have already been decided. This time, Bigg Boss was not a reality show, there was no reality at all.” Anurag Dobhal was unstoppable, he continued, “All the real people were evicted. They were evicted through a conspiracy and this thing was clearly visible.”
Anurag Dobhal further said,”This did not happen once but if you remember during the time of Isha’s captaincy, when it had happened for the first time, people got a message that Bigg Boss is trying to evict me. But when it happened for the second time, the entire planned eviction became very clear. The makers realised that they won’t be able to evict me as there are fans outside who are voting for me.”
Anurag Dobhal continued, ” I was also very proud that there are so many people who love me.”
The allegations are true or false we can’t say but that’s not good for the biggest reality show of the country hosted by the biggest Megastar Salman Khan.

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