Allegations of Unethical Conduct Surface Against Dr. Aditi Govitrikar in Pageantry Industry

Dr. Aditi Govitrikar, former Mrs. World 2001, faces accusations of unethical practices within the pageantry sphere. Allegations suggest her involvement in poaching employees, *former winners* contestants, and ideas from established pageantry institutions.

Her role as a judge in an esteemed beauty pageant is under scrutiny, with claims that she used her position to exploit insider knowledge and resources, later attempting to extract a substantial fee from the organization.

Further controversy arose when Dr. Govitrikar allegedly approached Mrs. World 2023 for a judging position, met with the organization’s refusal to comment, casting doubts on her intentions.

Her sudden surge in involvement post-association with a beauty pageants., coupled with a history of exploiting local pageants for financial gain, raises concerns about her ethics within the industry.

Amidst these allegations, stakeholders call for transparency and ethical standards to safeguard the integrity of pageantry.

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