LIMOUSIN’s success in the music industry has been fuelled by his unwavering ambition to succeed.

The melodious artist is prepared to change the face of music for the better with his varied compositions.

Singing has always been a career that has shone brightly for every adolescent. We’ve all enjoyed singing to our hearts’ content while no one was looking, utilizing a TV remote as a microphone and our surrounds as an audience. Only a few of us, however, were able to give this iconic dream, the wings to soar to new heights. One such example is that of limousin , a dynamic and growing singer who has always believed in himself and has kept that belief throughout his journey. 


He is motivated by love and passion in his musical notation. His passion for music breathes life into his singing and unintentionally draws the listener to him. He is growing as a person and an artist on a daily basis. His adventure began when he was a teenager, and he has progressed significantly since then, from a budding artist to a growing star. Limousin believes that early adopters can help society improve. He hopes to see more hearts and souls filled with enthusiasm when someone decides to become a singer, and wishes for a good future for artists.

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