May I Come In – One of the most successful projects of the ASLI DIGITAL MEDIA

May I Come In Song
May I Come In Song

The attainment of the enormous love on the release of the song, “MAY I COME IN”. Now since the song is launched it is appreciated by all hearts and has crossed 100k views on YouTube. People are expressing much deserving love to the video, and as a consequence, it has passed over 100k views and a massive amount of likes in just a span of two weeks.

This project was sponsored by the “ASLI DIGITAL MEDIA”, an Idealistic brand. Asli Digital Media is a ginormic brand well known in the game of online promotions. Besides just sponsoring, the team of Asli Digital Media contributed and played a huge role in making the music video successful, by working for the promotions of the video on a great scale. Asli Digital Media(ADM), is a team of professionals and it worked very passionately to make an influential promotion of the video successful. The team worked tirelessly for the online promotions and are still working on it, the team is supported by its writers and an enormously influential network of friends who helped the video in achieving the triumph perfectly. Thus, making it possible to reach more audience. Even, the music of this video got famous on Tik Tok, and many people made videos on the music with “#aslidmedia” which are very trending and the views crossed 400k on Tik tok. And it is the outcome of their determination and passionate hardwork which lead to make it reach more audience and gather views and likes in enormous amount.

An extraordinary young and proficient rapper of just 21-year-old Khurafaat. The music of the song is furnished by D-MATERIALS. The mixing and mastering of the song by CRUZE. The music video has special effects of the two DOPs, Amit and David. With this deadly and extremely energized combination make the video more of thrilling and energetic.

Other than, Khurafaat the female leads of the song are Looana and Kritika. To add more of the excellence the edits and VFX are done by EM IT. The music is launched under the label Artzilla Records. The project head was ANUSHREE as her efforts made it sufficient for the team to work together, and make the project successful as it crossed 100k views on youtube in just 2 weeks.AMD Logo

ASLI SAIF is the line producer of the project and has left no stones unturned to set the standards for the song which is a paragon. ASLI DAUD, the producer of the song is very grateful for the work of each and every person who has worked actually hard to bestow to the accomplishment and coup of the song itself. According, to his notion the credibility is not an individual thing but requires the assistance and hard work of all tirelessly to give rise to a successful accomplishment of the project . Daud is also the founder of the Asli Digital media, along with Saif who is the co-founder of the firm sponsoring the entire project.

We are really pleased and captivated with the prosperity of the project, and really comprehend their hard work in compelling it apparent for the video to touch the sky of triumph.

May I Come In Song:

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