Dr. Nadhia, A Dermatologist bursting the myth when people say “I don’t use anything on my face , still i get this problem”

Yes, the one i get to hear very often. “I don’t use anything on my face , still i get this problem”. I wanna shout it loudly to everyone who is concerned about skin – not using anything is not a good practice. Dust, UV rays , stress and many more alike factors are deteriorating your skin on a daily basis. So you need to use appropriate products to reduce or stop the damage.

Dr. Nadhia
Dr. Nadhia

Dr Nadhia’s path to dermatology began at the age of 8. As a kid she was always concious about her skin and she always wanted a good skin , but she reaslised it dosen’t works that way.

After finishing her graduation in medicals she choose Dermatology. Now after 7 years of experience she expertise in each and every injectable / non-injectible / non-invasive treatments. Since 2019, she is consulting the patients online and offline as well across the globe.

Pro tip : Anti-aging skin care has 2 major pillars, Hydration and cell-turnover . For well hydrated skin, adequate fluid intake , electrolyte balance and topical moisturizer are the main factors. For cell turnover, Retinol (vitamin A derivative) is best agent.

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