People’s love is like divine grace for me: Mohammad Nayem

Mohammad Nayem’s pop numbers have made him a hit among the younger generation while he is also popular as a composer, music producer, music director, and entrepreneur Nagpur Oranges recently interviewed the noted singer.

You receive much adulation from your fans. What is that like?

Nayem: People’s love is like divine grace for me. I see it positively and enjoy it at the same time.

How do you stay connected with them?
Nayem: I operate my Facebook page, Instagram myself. Like, right now I am browsing it as we speak. I love managing my fan page; it helps me build up a connection with my audiences directly.

What’s the motivation behind directing your own music videos?
Nayem: During my childhood, Entrepreneur was a hobby, which helps me to lead direction these days. I love directing my own music video because there is a story in the video what others may not treat the way I would.

Do you believe in astrology?
Nayem: I’m a firm believer. About 80 percent of the time, it works for me.

Describe yourself in one word.
Nayem: Honest. I believe I was honest about everything, whether as a person or at work.

Have you started any new project this New Year?
Nayem: I will work on “Yeager Digital”, featuring some different songs. I will be very busy with this, as I am also doing a talent hunt for it.

Your favourite vacation destinations in the country?
Nayem: Cox’s Bazar. The sea really calls out to me.

What was your childhood dream?
Nayem: I dreamt of becoming a music producer.

What do you do when you are in bad mood?
Nayem: I leave for long drive; sometimes I sing to centre myself.

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