Abhi Shetty has made his name in the hospitality industry of Dubai and Manipal.

He has crafted great experience in the hospitality industry of both cities.

Abhi Shetty is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry who has always wanted to create mesmerizing nightlife experiences. He wants people to know that with my brand ‘Barrels, he would be expanding the nightlife business across the middle east & India. They are currently running two successful outlets in Dubai & India. He started in this industry in 2019. He is also a Mechanical Engineer and worked with multinational companies such as total France before stepping into a nightlife career.

Abhi Shetty
Abhi Shetty

Abhi Shetty has become a prominent name in the nightlife landscape of Dubai and Manipal. The hospitality industry’s journey started very smoothly in the initial period; they had a good response until they were hit by Covid in 2020. However, they recovered quickly & posted good profit figures in the year-end. They started their second outlet in 2021 in Manipal, India, named “Barrels India Club”, a state of the art club in the neighborhood, which is currently the best nightlife place for party goers. Within three years, he expanded business in different locations and successfully ran with good profit figures. He has never been featured in news & websites as he always felt shy in giving interviews. Their outlet “Barrels Dubai” was featured in Timeout Dubai & won the best sports bar award in 2019; and got special recognition in the nightlife experience in 2020. Barrels Dubai is featured on His next goal is to expand the nightlife business by opening more outlets with different concepts. Social media played a big part in his life. Also, his childhood dream pushed him to achieve this.

His advice to others is to be patient when they start their career as an industry would take time to explore. With continual learning, anyone can achieve their dreams. Check out his Instagram page @abhibarrels.

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