Youtubers from Korea are winning Indian hearts

Korean culture and entertainment have gained a huge following recently across the globe, especially among youth. Indian youth are no different. They enjoy Korean music, dramas, and cuisine, just as Koreans do.
There is an exchange of thoughts and ideas between the citizens of Korea and India on various social media platforms, demonstrating the curiosity both nations have for one another.

In 2019 two South Korean boys, Min and Hoon started the Korean Dost channel on YouTube. They started reacting to trailers and songs and soon began exploring Indian cuisine and classical dance forms.

As part of their mini-trip last December, they explored Delhi, the capital city of India. They even celebrated Min’s 27th birthday with their subscribers.
Their content covering their adventures in India was shared once they returned to South Korea. From eating delicious Indian cuisine to visiting the Taj Mahal and riding Ducatis in a showroom, they did it all.
In addition to traditional Indian clothing, they bought jackets and kurta-pyjamas for themselves.

Youtubers from Korea
Youtubers from Korea

As you can see in the videos of them in India and Japan, as well as in San Francisco, they show a love for the country through their frequent visits to Indian dinners and markets.
It’s a pleasure to watch Min and Hoon’s energetic videos; they are both charming and have a down-to-earth nature. Their politeness and enthusiasm are something to be admired. People of all ages can enjoy their videos.

While Hoon is no longer on the channel for personal reasons, Min handles it alone at the moment. Their reaction videos are genuine and they enjoy watching the plethora of content suggested to them by their subscribers.

At the moment, Min runs the channel by himself, but he is occasionally assisted by a fellow Korean YouTuber, Eric, alias Nobita, who also runs a channel named Korean Chingu Eric.

It’s evident from the videos that Min is hugely passionate about everything Indian. It seems there is no topic Min doesn’t like to discuss. He is not only interested in Indian philosophy, arts, and gods but also in food, epics, and share markets.
In addition to a video on chess, he played a game of xiangqi (Chinese version) and janggi (Korean version), which had their roots in India and a history of its development into the form we know today.

Despite starting only a year and a half ago, Korean Dost has already reached 1.2m subscribers. This incredible feat is the result of their hard work and love for India. We are constantly amazed by the positive attitude they exhibit.

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