Manjhi is an evergreen motivational film: Shahzad Ahmed

Writer Shahzad Ahmed has written many original stories for the film industry, which inspire many and cannot be forgotten. Manjhi: The Mountain Man, sets an example of human courage, and gives the message that nothing is impossible for a man in this world. The story of this film has helped many people climb their ladder of success. There are many such stories where someone became an IAS and someone moved towards his goal. When such stories come in front of Shahzad, he is satisfied that how many positive changes have been made in this story written by him.

Shahzad Ahmed
Shahzad Ahmed

So let us tell you about two such stories which is not just a story but a true story.

Fatima, who was a primary school teacher living in Prayagraj, passed the UPSC exam with her hard work and preparation along with teaching in the school. In the year 2017, the name of Seerat Fatima was ranked 810th out of 990 candidates. Today Fatima is posted in the Indian and Traffic Service. Fatima’s father had thought that she would become an IAS when she was just 4 years old. Although this journey was not easy for Seerat Fatima faced many challenges in this journey of teaching in school, family responsibilities as well as studies. And during this struggle he saw Manjhi – The Mountain man film written by Shahzad Ahmed. And he believes that the film has inspired him again to fulfill his dreams and the result is in front of you all. After several attempts, he finally took out the mains in the fourth attempt.

The second story is of a mountaineer, who made a dialogue of the film, made his shield and decided to travel to Mount Everest. Ratnesh Pandey of Indore faced defeat once when he had to leave the journey to Mount Everest midway due to Avalanche. Ratnesh had taken this journey with the aim of illuminating the name of Madhya Pradesh and giving a new identity to adventure sports there. And in 2016 he recited the dialogue written by Shahzad Ahmed in such a way that “Jab tak todenge nahin, tabtak chhodenge nahin” and then took this achievement a step further when he reached the top of Mount Everest to recite the national anthem of any country in the world. Be the first person!

When such stories come in front of Shahzad, then he understands that his aim has been successful, what more does a writer need that his writings are changing people’s lives in a good way. And people have heard what he wants to say. The story of Manjhi the Mountain Man which is based on a true incident still gives courage to many people to fight the struggles of their life.

Shahzad says. Manjhi is one of the best films ever made, with the energy and bravery of engulfing the entire world. This film became not only the reason for Ratnesh and Seerat’s success but also the reason for the success of all the world’s youth, the light for those who wished to accomplish something different by overcoming all the world’s hurdles. Manjhi is a timeless film that may be enjoyed at any time. I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of such a timeless picture as Manjhi.

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