Information and Data is the preference in upcoming 2050, Meraj Alam

By the way, we all think a lot about our future. Have you ever imagined how our 2050 will be? What changes will happen? How will the world look? Will everything be good, will be comfortable or will our life be miserable what is it? Let’s talk on this aspect today, how will the world be in 2050? After 31 years from today, what new is going to happen, have you ever looked at these things? If not, then definitely think on these things. Although it is not possible to see the future but it is not that difficult to guess by looking at the present situation.

Meraj Alam
Meraj Alam

Obviously, the scale at which science is progressing, the future will be very hi-tech. Today the world is in our phones, tomorrow even more modern technology may come. Right now the human population on the earth is 7 hundred 45 crores, by 2050 it will increase to nine hundred and fifty crores. Talking about our country India, it is in second place in terms of population, but it is possible that by 2050 it will become the most populous country leaving China behind. The second change that is possible to come before us is that unemployment is bound to increase. Just as the use of machines increased after the industrial revolution and unemployment also increased. In the same way, the time to come is going to be of robots not of humans. Robots need neither leave nor any salary. Today the demand of robots is increasing in every corner of the world.

Our great thinkers have already said that the cause of the third world war will be water. Is. The third challenge before us will be the progress of medical science. Decline in the death rate, which will see an increase in the elderly population. Today 9 million people suffer from cancer and every 6th person in the world dies from it. By 2050, permanent treatment will also be found and a person above 70 years of age will also be saved. The way a person’s standard of living is increasing today, it will increase 10 times by 2050.The use of hi-tech gadgets will increase in our homes so that we can even be lazy. Our life will become very comfortable and easy. Humans will be completely dependent on machines. Airplane travel will be more comfortable and enjoyable. Even there will be no need of a driver to drive the car. The car will run only by the instructions, the bike will be small, big. There will be hi-tech roads. Road accidents will be negligible due to technology.


One problem with all these things is vision impairment. Today 72% of people use glasses and lenses. Working with a young mind and long experience in the digital world, Meraj says that the internet speed will be 10 times faster. All things will be online, markets and shops will be equal to closure. Some such changes can be seen by 2050. Families will be very small, the situation as it is in metropolitan cities today will increase manifold. With the use of more gadgets, people will be busy with themselves, so the demand for privacy will also increase. Today we see young people living in solitude, it seems strange, but in the coming time it will happen to every person. Now how accurate and attractive it will be depends on our discretion.

However, Meraj also believes that increasing the quality of technical education will reduce the possibility of its misuse. If there is awareness about this among the people and especially the youth, then the crimes committed by it will also come down. If seen, in future the same person will be richer who will have more information and data collection. In this way the present form of the world is changing, which must have changed a lot from today’s form.

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