Nadeem Mubarak has his eyes set on conquering the music realm with his extraordinary talent.

Armed with his music skills, he's been setting the music charts on fire, and his growing number of fans are enough proof of it.

Whenever a person chooses his career which is close to his heart, and he’s passionate about it, he faces a lot of brickbats, as not having a steady career which can last a lifetime is not given much support by people as there’s a fixed mindset about following certain professions to make it right in life. A person’s decision might not find support even amongst close family and friends, and they might even disapprove a person’s decision to follow his passion. Music is one such career choice when made does not find many supporters as it’s a highly competitive field which has no certainty in the future, yet some owing to their passion towards the craft get hold of this career and focus on making it their best. Nadeem Mubarak is one of them who, in spite of facing backlash from those close around him, went ahead to establish a career in it, and has even succeeded to a certain extent.

Nadeem Mubarak
Nadeem Mubarak

Today, Nadeem is working hard towards achieving the top position in the music industry as he wants to accomplish his dream of making himself and his family proud with his work. He says that each day teaches him something new as an artist, and he’s enhancing his singing skills to be at par with other recognized artists. “More than bragging or marketing myself, I like to let my music do the talking,” says Nadeem, who has worked hard to master the craft, and his growing popularity and songs gaining recognition on social media proves that he is right in his own way. His hard work has finally paid off, and he’s on the verge of establishing himself as a fine singer and musician. His latest track ‘Hasdi Aa’ has already gained healthy views on multiple music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Hungama, Apple Music and many more. Nadeem is confident of achieving further milestones in his career by giving more quality music in the coming months which are going to spellbind listeners for sure.

Connect with him on Instagram: @nadeemmubarakofficial for more updates on his upcoming music.

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