“Internet used in a proper manner can lead you to the high peaks of success in today’s world “ – says Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal was born & brought up on 6th of November in 1999 in Srinagar Garhwal in Uttrakhand till 10th standard after that he went to Dehradun for his higher schooling. After his school ended he went to the Chandigarh university for pursuing BCA and now doing MCA from the same. He a very youthful soul who has many hobbies such as travelling, riding, investments and programming.

As for his professional life he now has a well settled business in digital marketing named as Digital Leader & Branding Panther who has worked with numerous celebrities , politicians and brands for their social media management, their growth, web development, arranging for collaborations, offline marketing through hoardings and other resources and providing technical support and security to their accounts. Till now Shivam has worked with many singers, dancers and politicians where he has provided them their social media growth, several press releases and has also recovered many hacked Facebook and YouTube pages of several artists.

Shivam Bangwal
Shivam Bangwal

He says that in this digital era where mostly youth is addicted to just playing games and watching web series, instead of that they should work on gaining knowledge and improving their skills and work for their own better future . He says it is very easy to make money out of internet if you use it in a effective and a efficient manner. He also says that people and young students should not just gain knowledge but also try and implement it in their real life for gaining better experiences. Shivam gives this effective message for the aspiring public that they should never quit or give up because hardwork always pays off and if you’re interested and keenly doing the work you really wanted to do then a day will definitely come when you’ll be successful and have no regrets from your life.

More he talks about his strengths which he says that his creativity, patience, determination and honesty towards his passion has turned out to be his greatest strengths. He also says that his family was a huge motivation for him and is still his strength. Moreover he added up to it that he always wanted his parents to be proud of him and now when he is able to do that he feels great and calm . He also talked about his weaknesses and mentioned that public speaking is one of his weaknesses and gets nervous very easily in front of more than a considerable public.
Shivam also says that his struggle period was not a huge one as he really didn’t faced much struggles as because of his Instagram following of around 15k at the time he started. He said that he texted few celebs and got reply within few minutes which was actually like a moon-shot for him and then he started working for that celeb after which he went on developing connections and widening his reach as a digital marketer.

He now has a huge number of clients out of which some are social media influencers and other people also he currently stands with many profiles and other clients who take management , media growth and public relation services from him.

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