Meet Rehan Tagale, the youngster whose fashion is influencing many youngsters

With the advent of social media the youth have garnered loads of opportunities to showcase their expertise, talent and skill set at a larger level. With every passing day, talents are growing in number and ordinary individuals are transforming into social media influencers and celebrities. Joining the league and marking his digital presence in style is Rehan Tagale. Rehan has emerged as the fashion influencer and his impeccable dressing and styling sense has left people musing over his looks and trend. Rehan has grabbed the opportunity and has transformed himself to an entrepreneur in the fashion world with grandiose style.

Rehan decided to quit his daily job and make his way into social media, with a proper understanding of digital media and social trends in no time Rehan started climbing the ladder of success. The small-town boy is living his dreams turning them into reality every day. The posts and fine edits enable Instagram to handle worth drooling. With over 100k followers Rehan has won the hearts of people and has definitely set a fashion trend in the market.

Talking to us Rehan shared, “I follow loads of celebrities from a young age, how they dress, their looks, and I dreamt for the same. Now I am here at this position wherein youngsters are idealising my style makes me proud and happy for myself. From here there is no looking back and I strive to prosper and set the coolness trend on the wider platform.”

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