Meet 19 Year Old Young Artist and Emergning Musician Niloy Rashid Jaki

Age is just a number, we have all heard it, but 19-year-old Niloy Rashid Jaki showed this to the world with his amazing achievements that anything is possible if you have it in you to achieve the peak.

Niloy Rashid Jaki is a 19-year-old Serial Entrepreneur and Emerging Musician from Bangladesh. He started his journey of entrepreneurship and music from his young age, practice, patience and determination brought him into this stage of life. He used to focus more on learning from the Internet rather than school when he was young and took a solid step toward his goal. As Niloy Rashid Jaki said, “The trouble is not to develop new ideas, but to get rid of old ideas.” Falling into the old tendency to not function satisfactorily prevents us from entering the computer age. You must give up the past. The prospect of adaptability is crucial.

Niloy Rashid Jaki was born on 19th May 2001 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. His father is Late Mohammad Harunur Rashid and mother Roxana Perveen.

Niloy Rashid Jaki is an Musician, Author, Influencer, Instructor & Blogger. Niloy Rashid Jaki is the Founder & Chairman of Exion Group of Industries Limited. He leads a number of corporations including Surge Fly, Amader Cart, and Exion Pay. Niloy Rashid Jaki has a net worth of 10 Million BDT. He is the youngest millionaire in Bangladesh.

Niloy Rashid Jaki has established a successful reputation in his career. He also published a number of books on the subject of Digital Marketing, Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship. Apart from entrepreneurship and music, he makes courses as an Instructor, writes blog posts, records podcasts about digital marketing.

”To get success in life, it is essential to have a plan, prioritize your goals, master a skill, have patience and most importantly conquer your mind to conquer your life. Great things take time. Take one step at a time and master the skill until you become unbeatable. The only real capital you have is your time. Invest it carefully. The key to success is to conquer your mind to conquer your life.” – Niloy Rashid Jaki

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