Meet India’s Youngest Influencer and Creative Genius: Vicky Mandal

There is nothing that you can’t achieve if you are determined, compassionate, and have strong willpower. Hailing from a place called “Vidyasagar” in Jharkhand, Vicky was born on 6 June 1999. Currently, Vicky is residing in the city of dreams, Mumbai to conquer the world. Deriving inspiration from the epitome of Dreamer and Achiever, Late Sushant Singh Rajput, Vicky Mandal is all set to pursue his dreams. He is indeed a great personality to follow. “He made me believe that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you are committed towards anything,” states Vicky.

Vicky’s family wanted him to dip his feet in the field of government job which created a mess for him but then he listened to his heart and did what he was meant to. Just like his role model, Sushant, Vicky had no godfather behind to guide him in acting and he has come a long way to prove himself. He has always surprised his friends and followers with his acting skills.

Vicky used to act, listen to music, write motivational speeches in his pastime which ultimately became the contributors of his choosing a career in this field. Vicky has a wide coverage on social media and people love the content of his videos. The comments that he gets on each of his videos make noise of his sheer talent. Indeed, you don’t get a creamy path to walk on, difficult times come in everyone’s life. Vicky believes that it is because of his firm mind and intelligence that he overcame those hurdles in his life. The creativity and surprises which the digital world is all full of made Vicky attracted him to choose this as his career. “Whatever you do, do it diligently and passionately, and achieve your goal,” says Vicky Mandal, a successful social media influencer.

Not stopping to this, Vicky aims to be a successful actor along with a good human being. In a world where you can be anything, be kind. His family, friends, and his followers work as a pillar of strength for him.
His every video gets viral on social media like fire and he indeed is an inspiration for the audience. Getting a million views on Facebook and Instagram is proof of his popularity among them. It would be really great to see Vicky on the Big screen one day.

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