Hair stylist Shahnuzz breaking stereotype and creating new trends

This is the story of how the word Barber makes no sense in front of the Hair Stylist and the transformation of the Hair Cut Shops into the Lounges. Way back in the 1950s or 1960s, there were no saloons to hair dress. Barbers used to come to houses, cut the hair, and then leave collecting the charge. Slowly the shops opened with a wooden chair, a dusty mirror, a comb, and a scissor. Later this business witnessed constant growth in the industry and became a good idea to do one. The days have changed from the time barbers used to come to our homes and cut their hair to the period where people and celebrities line up in front of a Longue to get their hair dressed.


The one who changed the status of hair styling from business to industry and the modern Indian Hair Styling is Shahnuzz.
Shahnuzz learned some tricks and skills and made his career. He is a creative person to teach not just celebrities but everyone how to treat their hair.

But soon, he realized that he was not meant to look good but to make others look better. With this thought, he opened a salon in Mumbai.

As it got tremendous access, many students plan to carve their niche in this field. He opines that it is also a sort of creative outlet.

He suggests that people should not follow the trend set by celebrities. They have to try their style because everything doesn’t suit everyone. Nevertheless, he climbed to celebrity status as he has worked with many influencers and Television star Karanvir Bohra.

He has 539K Followers on Instagram.

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